The Best Advertising Tool - Vehicle Signage in Albany

Advertising is a tricky game; it’s never a one-time effort and you have to ensure that your brand is in the public eye at all times; it is one way you can overshadow the competition. This is why you have a marketing strategy in place and use print ads or commercials to promote your product. But there is another very effective advertising avenue that a lot of companies are now using to promote their products and services- Vehicle Signage in Albany. Designation is one of the leading companies in this space and creates unique and eye-catching signage for all types of vehicles.

We have been in this industry for a number of years and cater to businesses large and small and provide custom solutions that meet the advertising objectives of our clients. We are the professionals who use our creativity and ingenuity to create stunning signs that imprint your branding upon the minds of onlookers. We produce very high grade, customised, full colour vehicle wraps and can cover as little/ as much of your vehicles as you want.

Effective Advertising

As your vehicle/s travel the streets, thousands of people look at the eye catching graphics we have created for your Vehicle Signage in Albany, and this is what smart advertising is all about. Not only is the medium very effective in terms of its reach and impact, but it’s very cost-effective too. What is important is that the signage wraps don’t damage the vehicle in any way and they are ideal for rented vehicles as well. You can change them easily and we can create new concepts to complement your advertising efforts and they can be removed easily if you need to sell the vehicle too.

Range of Products

We provide a variety of Vehicle Signage in Albany such as:

• One-way vision
• Vehicle Wraps
• Graphics & removable magnetic signs
• Self Adhesive Vinyl Lettering
• Photographic sticker printing
• Logos

With our Signs in Albany, you will find that it isn’t difficult to create an impact with your advertising and increase awareness about your brand. Our outstanding computer cut vinyl lettering can be made from specialty vinyls and solid colours. The digitally-printed, conformable vinyl solutions help create a very bold statement for your product or service and you can opt for one-way vision vinyl in place of the opaque variant, for rear windows. These are ideal, as they don’t hamper the driver’s vision even as they provide very valuable space for advertising.

We can use photographic images to enhance the signage and these applications can be used on cars, trailers, trucks and vans as well as utes. The variety of Vehicle Signage in Albany is truly endless and we at Designation are the experts who can provide the best services and products based on your specific needs and budget. For more information, a consultation or quote, call us at 09 44 33 051 or contact via this email-